June 11, 2021


Read – Isaiah 44:1-20

What does it say?
God reminded Israel that turning to false gods and their idols was senseless since He, and He alone, is the one true God who saves Israel from their sin.

What does it mean?
This chapter reads like a modern résumé in which God presents His qualifications to receive Israel’s total and exclusive worship and trust. He created them, provided for them, taught them His ways, and forgave them when they failed. In contrast, the idols of the surrounding nations were made by human hands and incapable of creating anything, providing for anyone, teaching anyone, or forgiving anyone. While this may seem like common sense, those who worshiped the false gods and their idols were seducing the ancient Israelites. God’s people needed to hear God’s plea.

How should I respond?
Most people in our culture do not worship literal manmade idols. Still, we need to be aware of anything that acts like an idol in our individual lives – things we put before the Lord and are unwilling to give up. Can you think of something in your life that is worth so much to you that you would find it hard to give up if God asked you to? It may even be something good that has taken a higher priority than it should. Talk to God about the things that come to mind. Ask the Lord to help you put those things or relationships in proper perspective so that your life will be honoring to Him.