June 10, 2021


Read – Isaiah 43

What does it say?
Even though God’s plan was to redeem Israel, to bring her sons and daughters from captivity around the world, they still remained stubbornly disobedient to God.

What does it mean?
This chapter portrays one of the greatest ironies ever. When God loved and cared for Israel as a good father would His own children, Israel rebelled. As a result, God punished His rebellious children – but only for a while. Ultimately, the Lord planned to redeem them and rebuild His family. God promised Israel that they would not be held captive in Babylon forever. Just as He had delivered their ancestors from Egypt in the days of Pharaoh, He would deliver them from Babylon at the end of a 70-year exile.

How should I respond?
Rebellious children often want forgiveness without punishment or responsibility. As God’s child, what is the best way to respond to His discipline? First, own up to your own wrongdoing. Admit and confess the sinful attitude or behavior, and then seek and accept His forgiveness. Second, learn from it. What needs to change in order to avoid similar behavior in the future? Finally, think of your life as an opportunity to demonstrate gratitude for God’s forgiveness. How will you show the Lord today that you are grateful for what you have learned?